Stuff Brewing

I don’t feel great, and I’m not sure why. I kind of suspect that I may be building another infection up – some of the symptoms are that "lovely" sort of familiar – but it’s not quite right, so I’m not sure. Unfortunately left my antibiotics (the ones I take preemptively to prevent this sort of thing) over at my folks’ house last night, so I can’t level a dose of meds at whatever it is.

Last night I got excited about my house. It had been a long time. Some time back – probably four years, maybe longer – I had a vision of what I wanted to do with our living room as soon as we got enough money. It didn’t happen, and didn’t happen, and didn’t happen. And I think, what with that sort of thing, and the gradual realization that the only parts of the house that were really mine (decoration-wise) were the office I rarely used and the bedding on our bed, I sort of fell out of love with our home. And I think it’s fair to surmise that this has something (not everything) to do with my problems in being a decent housekeeper.

Yesterday I had an awesome Saturday: Farmer’s Market, French-ish brunch, cool antique/commission furniture store, Keva, haircut, pizza, goofy movie. (Bride and Prejudice is one of those movies that is just painful enough to be wonderful, and worth watching for the gorgeous clothes along. Hooray, Bollywood.) In the middle of all that we spent a little bit of time in Urban Outfitters, which sometimes leaves me cold but was full of win yesterday. And something – in between flipping through hipster decorating books, and skimming Etsy the night before – clicked. Suddenly I had a vision.

So yeah. I’m excited about  my house again.

And no – it’s not a hipster vision. It’s more… updated retro sophisti-kitsch. Just saying that makes me want to go eat at Donnie Mac’s.

I need to put the housecleaning into high gear and throw out a LOT of junk. I need to acknowledge that even though it’s not crazy-lady-on-TLC style, what I do is still hoarding. I don’t need this much clothes, and I don’t need this many knickknacks or coffee mugs, and I probably don’t need this many books. Probably.

I’ve come up with a decorating plan that weds just about everything together:

  • age of house (1954) and vague desire to honor its birth era in the decorating
  • love of saturated color on accent walls
  • starburst clockthe joy of hunting through thrift stores and yard sales for a very specific sort of knickknack, plus the accumulation of  some pre-existing "treasures"
  • craftiness (and spray paint!)
  • the starburst clock I’ve already bought for the living room, which is still hiding behind the sofa waiting for use (the clock, not the living room – bad sentence there)
  • existing design of kitchen
  • my quirky personality

I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I want for the living room, although less so how to handle the morph into the dining area (it’s one big room). I  have a few ideas for the bathroom, but am not sure how to implement any of them cheaply. And (tres pathetic) I have an almost fully-visualized nursery in my head. Oh well. On the flip side, I would like much of the planned decor in my office, too – and it’s the same room – so I could still begin playing with it.

I’m not sure that the design extends to the main bedroom; it’s separated off from the rest of the house by the laundry area, anyway, so maybe it can just stand alone. And I’m not sure what to do about the old master bedroom. I hate to repaint it, because I love the way it looks so much – but it doesn’t fit my new plans AT ALL. And the Mr. would like to repaint it and use it as a college-themed retro logogame-watching room (which, let me be clear, is something I’ve always wanted, too – we’re not talking  about one of those horrifying things that our husbands want to do to our homes). That, however, also doesn’t really go… UNLESS I  could somehow find or reproduce 1950s memorabilia from our college! Hey, see what happens when you write things down! Your brain starts working!

Other questions to play with while doing the hard, unpleasant pre-decorating work:

  • what sort of rug goes in the living room? (there are hardwood floors, and I think the sitting area needs a rug)
  • eventually, what  kind of furniture? (current idea will work, temporarily anyway, with current sofas – but those sofas would be moved into the college-themed room if we ever did that due to their color)
  • which walls get colored?
  • can I learn to spray paint better than I did in seventh grade metal shop?
  • does brass need to be primered before spray painting?
  • light fixtures!
  • bathroom?!?

I think I’m on a little journey of self-awareness, and this is a part of it all…. Part of reconnecting to me has to include reconnecting to my habitat.


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