Is it really September already? Or finally? One of those two things…. We’ve had quite the cold snap these past few days, so a person would be forgiven for thinking it was mid-October.

School is settling down a little. They just switched around 20 kids in my classes yesterday, which was frustrating, and I’m still getting kids transferred from other English teachers – also really frustrating – but I guess no one actually expects me to be able to teach this first MONTH of school or anything. Good grief.

Not regretting taking this semester off from college ONE IOTA. Wishing the Mr. didn’t feel like he needed to take 12 credits, six of which are graduate courses; he’s going to be stressed out and cranky all semester, and I’m not looking forward to that very much.

I’m excited about working on the house. I’m figuring out a way to connect my “vision” to the color scheme I’ve wanted in the living room (an aqua/turquoise with an orangey-red that I think might be called cimarron) as well as the colors already in the living room furniture, which I can’t replace right away (navy, some sage green). The floors are “red oak” and the fireplace is more of a mahogany, none of which really helps the situation, but I’m not worried about all that very much.

Now I just need to find a bunch of smallish, cheap, okay-if-they’re-broken, busts. Not the sort you put in a bodice. This sort of thing:

And not particularly nice quality, either. Because I’ll never be able to bring myself to take a really nice one and SPRAY PAINT IT HOT PINK. Okay, maybe not hot pink. But still. Going to have a hard time convincing myself to spray paint marble. Plaster all the way, no?

Need to find something really special for Mom for her birthday, but not having much luck lately… hmmm…


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