Lust and Libraries

The word “pornography” comes from the mid 1800s and is derived from the Greek; porne meaning prostitutes and graphos, of course, referring to writing. Actually, porne is more literally “bought or purchased,” but the connotation is clearly toward prostitution [link]. Of course, modern parlance has warped the concept of pornography from “writing about prostitutes” to “images of gratuitous and often deviant sexual acts,” so there’s that. But the term has also been reclaimed for less X-rated purposes, such as the infamous Porn for Women book. (And lemme tell you what – if you want to spice up your blogging, try to Google the “porn for women” book to find the correct title – yikes.)

None of this – I tell you, NONE of this – can possibly compare to my new favorite website: Bookshelf Porn. Some of my favorites:





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